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Eyes of the Calculor – Greatwinter series Book 3

In this glittering, dynamic and exotic world two thousand years in the future, librarians fight duels to settle disputes, there is no electricity, fuelled engines are banned by every major religion in Australica, humanity has split into two species ... 'A captivating conclusion to a brilliant series.' Booklist, (starred Review) Book 3 - The Greatwinter series

The Time Engine – Moonworlds series Book 4

The Time Engine (Moonworlds Book 4) The Time Engine completes the Moonworlds series by chronicling how the doomsday magic unleashed in Book 1 is finally brought under control. McMullen's skillful blend of fantasy and sf … makes this one of the better cross-genre series in speculative fiction - Booklist

The Guardians – Warlock’s Child series Book 6

The Guardians (Warlock's Child Book 6) (with Paul Collins, Ford Street Publications, September 2015) The Dracondan dragons, once invincible, now lie helpless on a mountain as a human army closes in to kill them. It has a cast of characters you love and hate, and a story to make you impatient to read what happens next - Susan Whelan, Kids Book Review