Tor, 2008

Originally written part of Voidfarer, The Time Engine completes the Moonworlds series by chronicling how the doomsday magic unleashed in Voyage of the Shadowmoon is finally brought under control.

“… this book is a fitting capstone to a fine tetrology. Like L. Sprage de Camp in his prime, McMullen is an exotic adventurer of authentic, if wayward, genius.”

Nick Gevers


“McMullen’s skilful blend of fantasy and sf … makes this one of the better cross-genre series in speculative fiction.”


“A very enjoyable tale of swords and sorcery, dragons and derring-do, with plenty of unexpected angles. The story manages to take a sly swipe at a culture where litigation replaces moral conscience. Inspector Danolorian narrates with a combination of gaucherie and self-confidence that the reader, along with nearly every woman he meets, should find endearing.”

Romantic Times