Tor, 2004

The ringstone machine, an arcane magical device of immense power has been discovered on the moonworld Verral. In the wrong hands it could destroy civilisation, but those best able to control it are an unlikely alliance. Velander is a beautiful but apalling dangerous sorceress, Terikal is a disgraced priestess, and Laron has been a teenage vampire for seven hundred years. Although they must recruit the Glass Dragons to destroy the ringstone machine, they must first learn to cooperate with each other.

“McMullen has a gift worthy of the best mainstream authors for creating memorable, finely nuanced characters, making him must-reading for fantasy enthusiasts weary of the routine sword-and-sorcery outings.”


“… fans of Terry Pratchett and Douglas Adams will appreciate McMullen’s dry wit, shifting points of view and almost complete disregard of fantasy conventions, making for a highly entertaining and far from typical fantasy adventure.”

Romantic Times

“A captivating and unique blend of fantasy, comedy, cloak and dagger, sword and sorcery, blood and thunder and almost any other pair of linked ikons you care to name.”