Tor, 2006

Aurealis Award Nominee, 2007

Magical machines have breached the final frontier, and ventured through space between moonworlds Veral and Lupan. Wayfarer Inspector Danolarian and his constables are among the first to examine the huge cylinders that have begun to fall from the spy, but at first they can only watch in horror as civilisation crumbles around them and organised resistance to the invading Lupanians is shattered. Danolarian does not suspect that one of his own constables, the student revolutionary Riellen, is their worlds only hope.

“Superb storytelling and an unusual setting make this a first-rate addition to most fantasy collections.”

Library Journal

“… could’ve been lifted from Shakespeare.”

Jim Hopper

San Diego Union-Tribune

“McMullen’s narrative powers continue to grow with each new volume in the series, as he doles out equal measures of wit, intrigue, and colourful characterisation. At this rate, McMullen’s further books should attain the status of must-reads.”


“A vibrant, thoughtful, spectacular adventure-drama … McMullen borrows freely, but weaves his own magical comedy of horrors. The result is a blast.”


“… far above the typical fantasy novel … Highly recommended.”