Tor, 2002


When the doomsday weapon, Silverdeath, is unleashed it roasts the entire continent of Zantrias down to the bedrock. Only the crew of the Shadowmoon survives, because the little schooner is a spy ship, and it escaped the fire by submerging. Now every king, emperor and despot on Verral covets Silverdeath, and only Captain Ferran and his magical passengers stand between the weapon and annihilation.

“One of Australia’s most inventive sf authors demonstrates his prodigious talents for fantasy … Highly recommended.”

Jackie Cassada

Library Journal

“Fans of McMullen’s epic far-future SF Greatwinter trilogy … will be pleased to find that the Australian author has brought his world-building expertise to his first fantasy novel, eschewing the genre’s typical cookie-cutter black vs. white conflicts.”

Publishers Weekly

“For fans of epic fantasy adventures, Voyage of the Shadowmoon by Sean McMullen (Tor) is first-rate. -“

The Year's Best Fantasy and Horror 16

“Voyage of the Shadowmoon succeeds in becoming one of the best and most original works of epic fantasy published in ther past year, joining the likes of Steven Erikson, Matthew Stover and China Mieville.”

William Thompson


“… represents world-building fantasy at its finest: complex characters and world-altering plots are interwoven to create a tapestry of great intricacy. McMullen is an expert craftsman whose stories will engage any fantasy lover, particularly those who enjoy such works as George R. R. Martin’s A Song of Fire and Ice.”


“Voyage of the Shadowmoon is a marvellous entertainment and an accomplished novel of ideas; its synthesis of Sterling and Vance (or perhaps Fritz Leiber) is as impressive as that achieved in Greatwinter.”

Nick Gevers