Originally published on sf.com, August 2002

A love affair between a Fifteenth Century inventor and a Twenty-First Century librarian changes history…. over and over again.

“[a] delightfully loopy (no pun intended) story in which a contemporary woman stumbles on a way to communicate through time with the early 15th Century English scientist William Tynedale… the consequences of the plot machinations are thought-provoking.” – Rich Horton, Locus Magazine 2002

“A wonderful time travel story, and the gem on the web this month.” – Science Fiction Chronicle, November 2002 

  • Nominee – British Science Fiction Association Award, 2003
  • Winner – Nova Fantastyka Readers Poll, 2004
  • Republished: Anticipatia Magazine (Roumania)
  • Republished: Science Fiction World (China) 
  • Republished: Nova Fantastyka (Poland)
  • Republished: Esli Fantastica (Russia) 
  • Republished: Walking to the Moon
  • Republished: Ghosts of Engines Past