Wheel of Echoes sold to Analog

The machinery and skills to build a sound recorder have been around sincer the Middle Ages. If recordings are out there, waiting to be discovered, whose names will be on the labels?

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Ford Street Publishing

Sean’s Australian publisher, Ford Street Publishing, has a new website. Check Sean’s eight titles with Ford Street at

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The Pendant Lens

Why did the French Revolution come to depend upon a steam engine, an electrostatic generator, and a lens on a golden chain?

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Just Released – Extreme

Extreme – Just Released Nov 2018 Edition Fantasy & Science Fiction Magazine
– Even risk-taking psychopaths with a love of extremes have their uses.

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Now Available on Amazon

The Warlock’s Child, written with Paul Collins, Ghosts of Engines Past contains 12 steampunk stories, including his Hugo Award runner up, Eight Miles and
The 15 stories in Colours of the Soul are now available on Amazon

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The Year’s Best Science Fiction #35

The Influence Machine. Set in 1899 London, it is a story of high energy electrostatics and the high price of gender equality. The Year’s Best Science Fiction #35, available from Amazon.

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