Interzone, July/August 2012

Some very brave people in 1852 are about to fly the first steam powered aircraft, and diet will mean the difference between life and death.

– Sidewise Award nominee

– Republished: Years Best Science Fiction 30, ed. Gardner Dozois, 2013
– Republished: Ghosts of Engines Past

This is a delightful steampunk tale set in so near a future it might as well be modern day. … a wonderful adventure with colorful characters and a really surprising conclusion


For me, McMullen’s story was the stand-out one in this issue. Well-written, interesting and enjoyable even before the surprise ending. The kind of story which makes you hope that the author will carry on and write a lot more about the situation the protagonists are left in.

Chronicles Science Fiction and Fantasy Community

McMullen’s characters are well-developed and the steampunk background rings true. There’s a good mix of characterisation and technical detail, making for an interesting and absorbing story. I really enjoyed this one.

Patrick Mahon

SF Crowsnest