Ford Street Publications, September 2015

with Paul Collins


The Guardians: The Warlock’s Child Series – Book 6

The Dracondan dragons, once invincible, now lie helpless on a mountain as a human army closes in to kill them. Only Dantar and Velza can save them, but will their were-dragon powers been strong enough?

“It has a cast of characters you love and hate, and a story to make you impatient to read what happens next.”

Susan Whelan

Kids Book Review

“Two top Australian fantasy writers collaborating equals a top fantasy series”


“…. engaging fantasy novels for sophisticated young adult readers.”

Kerry Balzarolo

ALEA Journals and Newsletter

“This exciting fantasy will appeal to middle-upper primary school readers of both sexes who will revel in Dantar’s adventures as he grows into the heroic role that will prove to be his destiny.”

Russ Merrin