Aphelion Publications, 1992

Ditmar Award Nominee, 1993

Sean’s first collection, featuring the best of his early writing. Included are his pioneering steampunk story of music and audio time travel, The Colours of the Masters, his breakthrough story and Worldcon writing competition winner, The Deciad, his first two award winners, While the Gate is Open and Alone in His Chariot.

“Call To The Edge is a fine first collection by a writer who has begun to make his way into the American market”

Faren Miller


“…computers iconographically similar to but of an eccentricity far more intriguing than the Difference Engine embedded into the Gibson/Sterling novel of the same name … he can sound like Keith Roberts with a world to make.”

John Clute


“… stylish and elegant … Australian science fiction at its best …”

Aidan Doyle