Ford Street Publishing, 2007

The opening of Australia’s first parliament in 1901 has been bombed, sparking a century of warfare between the British and German empires. Two young but deadly cadets from the future travel back in time to prevent the bombing, but the success of their mission depends on help from two very sheltered Victorian teenagers and a streetwise thief.
Before the Storm (Century War Book 1)

“… (a) marriage between The Terminator and the Bronte sisters … expertly written mix of SF, heart-thudding adventure and humour (with the merest hint of romance). This story delivers on so many levels … A thoroughly riveting read, Before the Storm will appeal equally to male and female YA readers everywhere.”

Jenny Mounfield


“… an action-packed YA adventure novel, with some lovely characters … The chemistry between all five of the protagonists is just a pleasure to read.”

Tansy Rayner Roberts


“A totally entertaining book from beginning to end.”

Oz Kids in Print