Analog, March 2013

We can’t yet accelerate a space probe to a tenth of the speed of light, but we already have the technology to slow it down.

– Republished: Final Frontier, ed. Neil Clarke, 2018
– Reading posted on Starship Sofa
– Republished: Dreams of the Technarion

A neat idea, a well-done story of space exploration, and a strong piece of advocacy for it

Lois Tilton


“The Firewall and the Door,” … takes place in the 23rd century when mankind’s most expensive space exploration ever finally reaches its target of Centauri A with its Earth-like world, Wells. … I liked the twisty elements to this story, especially when the starship-resident virtual entity is revealed. I also appreciated the new dimensions added to the old arguments for and against the pursuit of new knowledge through space exploration.