In honour of the upcoming ConNZealand 78th World Science Fiction Convention being held this year in Wellington, New Zealand from 29th July – 2nd August, I have put up the full text of two pieces of my short fiction that are eligible for the 2019 Hugos this year:

If anyone – Hugo eligible voter or not! – would like to read them, the full PDFs are below, as well as some of the beautiful artwork from their original print run. 

Death is the frontier that we all must cross, it is more forbidding than the surface of the moon, and a space suit will not protect you. Still explorers are always drawn to frontiers. In 1905, in London, plans were being made for a return journey to the borderlands of death… even though the technology was experimental and unproven.

Published in Interzone, January/February 2019.

“… thrilling tale of adventure and intrigue.” Victoria Silverwolf , Tangent


If you are in the laundromat and you see a woman that nobody else can see, you might feel uneasy. If she is putting your torn and bloody clothes into a washing machine, hurry home and lock the door.

Published in Fantasy and Science Fiction, January/February 2019.

“Great story with wonderful supernatural detail.” – Sam Tomaina, SFRevu

“It seamlessly integrates the magical revelation with the murder and travels a plot path that is strong and surprising.” Chuck Rothman, Tangent Online