Sean interviewed – The Washer From the Ford

A billionth scale model of Saturn on the St Kilda foreshore features in the story.

Sean is interviewed about how The Washer From the Ford was written, the real world setting, and the mythology behind the story. 
Interview: Sean McMullen on “The Washer from the Ford”

Published in Fantasy and Science Fiction, January/February 2019.

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Wheel of Echoes sold to Analog

Sean’s story Wheel of Echoes has just sold to Analog magazine.
What have medieval church tower clocks, wagon wheels and drums to do with sound recording? If a sound recorder had indeed been built long before the Nineteenth Century, who would be at the top of the list to be recorded?

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Ford Street Publishing

Sean’s Australian publisher, Ford Street Publishing, has a new website. Ford Street is an established publisher of high quality books for children and young adults, and has published eight titles by Sean over the past decade.
Check it out at

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Just released – Terminalia – Jan/Feb Interzone

Death is the frontier that we all must cross, it is more forbidding than the surface of the moon, and a space suit will not protect you. Still explorers are always drawn to frontiers. IN 1905, in London, plans were being made for a return journey to the borderlands of death, even though the technolofy was experimental and unproven.
Published in Interzone, January/February 2019.

“… thrilling tale of adventure and intrigue.”
Victoria Silverwolf 

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Just released – The Washer From the Ford

If you are in the laundromat and you see a woman that nobody else can see, you might feel uneasy. If she is putting your torn and bloody clothes into a washing machine, hurry home and lock the door.
Published in Fantasy and Science Fiction, January/February 2019.

“Great story with wonderful supernatural detail.”
Sam Tomaina

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