Explorers are always drawn to frontiers, but when exploring the borderlands of death, only CPR can bring you back. In 1905 London, the technique was still being invented.

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Why was an American typist trying to save the world from computers in 1875?

– Winner (=), Interzone annual Reader’s Poll

Interzone, September/October 2013
– Republished: Year’s Best Science Fiction 31, ed. Gardner Dozois, 2014
– Republished: Dreams of the Technarion

… a strong SFnal thriller set in the milieu commonly known for steampunk – Lois Tilton, Locus

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A Ring of Green Fire

In 1188, England was blighted by a sexually transmitted disease that could light your way on a dark night.

Interzone, November 1994.

– Republished: The Best of Interzone, ed. David Pringle, 1994

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