Fantasy & Science Fiction


Code breaking and hacking were important weapons during the Napoleonic Wars. Perhaps early radios were too.

Fantasy and Science Fiction, March/April 2012
-Republished Year’s Best SF 18, ed. Hartwell, 2013

Sean McMullen’s “Electrica” is the highlight of the March-April F&SF – Rich Horton, Locus

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The Precedent

We already have war crime trials, so are climate crime trials on the way?

Fantasy and Science Fiction, July/August 2010
-Republished: Loosed Upon the World, ed. Adams, 2015

… tribunals in the future pass judgement on “tippers,” the wastrels whose giant carbon footprints led the world over the edge to disaster – Jerry Alder, The Smithsonian Magazine

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The Art of the Dragon

Some people just don’t appreciate art, but a two-mile long metal dragon with a serious attitude problem can do more than just sneer.

Fantasy and Science Fiction, August/September 2009

From the very first sentence, the reader is likely to be hooked: “I was there when the dragon first appeared — and ate the Eiffel Tower.” .. Kevin Barnes

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The Spiral Briar

The Spiral Briar – When you think about it, they had the skills and materials to build a steam engine in 1449.

Chronos Award nominee

Fantasy and Science Fiction, April/May 2009

The best story is Sean McMullen’s “The Spiral Briar” … does an entertaining job of merging the atmosphere of fantasy with the hard-edged nuts-and-bolts of engineer SF – Gardner Dozois, Locus

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