Ditmar Award Nominee

Tower of Wings

In this classic example of medieval steampunk, the ultimate medieval war machine becomes a nobleman’s gift to his engineer lady.

Analog Readers Poll winner

Analog, December 2001

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Eyes of the Calculor – Greatwinter series Book 3

In this glittering, dynamic and exotic world two thousand years in the future, librarians fight duels to settle disputes, there is no electricity, fuelled engines are banned by every major religion in Australica, humanity has split into two species
… ‘A captivating conclusion to a brilliant series.’ Booklist, (starred Review)
Book 3 – The Greatwinter series

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The Centurion’s Empire

Aurealis Award Winner – The Centurion’s Empire – 1999 (Tor 1998)

..a time traveller from the Roman Empire and his human powered time machine. The Centurion’s Empire shows the same attention to detail and the sense of intricate design that made McMullen’s Greatwinter books so much fun – Locus

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Voices in the Light

Now part of Souls of the Great Machine, a Science Fiction Novel from the Greatwinter series. a comprehensively imagined future … creations both terrifying and mundane, both bizarre and believeable … His world of Greatwinter is both tangibly present and beautifully imagined – David A. Smith, New York Review of Science Fiction

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Call to the Edge

Sean’s first collection, featuring the best of his early writing. Included are his pioneering steampunk story of music and audio time travel
… stylish and elegant … Australian science fiction at its best … Aidan Doyle, Voiceworks

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The Dominant Style

One way to protect humanity from its destructive inclinations is to edit them out. In The Dominant Style this leads to a very stable society, but even stability can be destructive.

Ditmar Award nominee

Aurealis, June 1991

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