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Steamgothic – Some very brave people in 1852 are about to fly the first steam powered aircraft, and diet will mean the difference between life and death.

Sidewise Award nominee

Interzone, July/August 2012
– Republished: Years Best Science Fiction 30, ed. Gardner Dozois, 2013

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Ninety Thousand Horses

Nineteenth Century steam trains were fast, but could one break the sound barrier?

Analog Readers Poll winner

Analog, January/February 2012

A Neat Thing. The author deploys his physics with authority and manages to convince me that the rocket was possible as his narrator describes it – Lois Tiltron

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Eight Miles

Balloons were the only way to fly in 1840, and air safety standards were the stuff of science fiction.
Hugo Award Nominee. Republished Year’s Best SF 16, ed. Hartwell, 2011

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Voyage of the Shadowmoon – Moonworlds series Book 1

Now McMullen delivers Voyage of the Shadowmoon, a fantasy epic of daunting skill and scope.
The Shadowmoon is a small, unobtrusive wooden schooner whose passengers and crew are much more than they seem: Ferran, the Shadowmoon’s lusty captain who dreams of power; Roval, the warrior-sorcerer; Velander and Terikel, priestesses of a nearly extinct sect; and the chivalrous vampire Laron, who has been trapped in a fourteen-year-old body for seven hundred years. – Amazon

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Voice of Steel

Back in 1404 there were two gunsmiths listening to our radio broadcasts.

– BSFA Award nominee
– Nova Fantastyka reader’s poll winner, August 2002

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Tower of Wings

In this classic example of medieval steampunk, the ultimate medieval war machine becomes a nobleman’s gift to his engineer lady.

Analog Readers Poll winner

Analog, December 2001

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