Wheel of Echoes published

If the machinery and skills to build a sound recorder have been around sincer the Middle Ages, are recordings are out there, waiting to be discovered? What did people think was worth recording in March 1603?

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The Audience

Will humanity be doomed unless all astronauts go on creative writing courses?

Analog, June 2015
– Republished: Best Science Fiction of the Year, ed. Neil Clarke, 2016
– Republished: Year’s Best Science Fiction 33, ed. Gardner Dozois, 2016
– Republished: Year’s Top Tales of Science Fiction 8 ed, Alan Kaster (Audio) 2016

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The Firewall and the Door

The Firewall and the Door – We can’t yet accelerate a space probe to a tenth of the speed of light, but we already have the technology to slow it down.

Analog, March 2013

A neat idea, a well-done story of space exploration, and a strong piece of advocacy for it – Lois Tilton, Locus Online

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