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The Warlock’s Child, written with Paul Collins, Ghosts of Engines Past contains 12 steampunk stories, including his Hugo Award runner up, Eight Miles and
The 15 stories in Colours of the Soul are now available on Amazon

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Voyage of the Shadowmoon – Moonworlds series Book 1

Now McMullen delivers Voyage of the Shadowmoon, a fantasy epic of daunting skill and scope.
The Shadowmoon is a small, unobtrusive wooden schooner whose passengers and crew are much more than they seem: Ferran, the Shadowmoon’s lusty captain who dreams of power; Roval, the warrior-sorcerer; Velander and Terikel, priestesses of a nearly extinct sect; and the chivalrous vampire Laron, who has been trapped in a fourteen-year-old body for seven hundred years. – Amazon

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Eyes of the Calculor – Greatwinter series Book 3

In this glittering, dynamic and exotic world two thousand years in the future, librarians fight duels to settle disputes, there is no electricity, fuelled engines are banned by every major religion in Australica, humanity has split into two species
… ‘A captivating conclusion to a brilliant series.’ Booklist, (starred Review)
Book 3 – The Greatwinter series

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