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Death is the frontier that we all must cross, it is more forbidding than the surface of the moon, and a space suit will not protect you. Still explorers are always drawn to frontiers. IN 1905, in London, plans were being made for a return journey to the borderlands of death, even though the technolofy was experimental and unproven.

Published in Interzone, January/February 2019.

“… thrilling tale of adventure and intrigue.” Victoria Silverwolf , Tangent


The Washer From the Ford

If you are in the laundromat and you see a woman that nobody else can see, you might feel uneasy. If she is putting your torn and bloody clothes into a washing machine, hurry home and lock the door.

Published in Fantasy and Science Fiction, January/February 2019.

“Great story with wonderful supernatural detail.” – Sam Tomaina, SFRevu

“It seamlessly integrates the magical revelation with the murder and travels a plot path that is strong and surprising.” Chuck Rothman, Tangent Online



Even risk taking psychopaths with a love of extremes have their uses.

Published in the November/December 2018 Fantasy and Science Fiction.

“Sean McMullen sets “Extreme” in an SF world in which the narrator, genetically predisposed to high risk thrill-seeking behavior, masks his personal locator from police to seek lawbreaking thrills.”

C.D. Lewis


The Pendant Lens

Analog, September/October 2018

A story of steam power, electrostatics and the French Revolution.

The author creates a memorable character in the person of a strong-willed woman who works with Robespierre. The protagonist learns to fear and respect her, and ultimately they must learn to trust each other.

Victoria Silverwolf

Tangent Online

Dreams of the Technarion

ReAnimus, 2017

Ten stories spanning steampunk, space exploration, science fantasy and bio-engineering.

Technarion: Interzone readers poll winner
Exceptional Forces: Asimov’s SF poll finalist
The Audience: the highly acclaimed story from the 1000th issue of Analog
Outpost of Wonder, Sean’s 37,000 word history of Australian science fiction from 1832 to 2017.

“McMullen … is a cannier sf writer than Phillip K. Dick ever was … working in a genre that has developed a great deal more self-identity … There is a wide range of ideas on display here, each one worked out thoroughly. This is what science fiction is for, not tales of slavery in far-flung galactic empires, genocide on alien worlds, or mass murder in alternate realities”

Ian Sales


Technarion: Interzone annual reader’s poll winner; republished in Gardner Dozois’s Year’s Best Science Fiction 31; “It grabbed me right away with its strong characterisation, inventive premise, and tense plotting.”

Eric Seal

Prose Dive

The Influence Machine: republished in Gardner Dozois’s Year’s Best Science Fiction 35, “Great story with engaging characters I hope to see again”


Exceptional Forces: Asimov’s Magazine annual readers poll finalist;  The best story here is probably Sean McMullen’s “”Exceptional Forces”, a sly and clever story about a genius reasoning with a female assassin who’s come to his hotel room to kill him”

Gardner Dozois


Lost Faces: “ a runaway female slave from India named Vishesti … curses Rome for what has been done to her children. Does she succeed?… This was one great story – SFRevu; This is an excellent story”

Chuck Rothman

Tangent Online

The Audience: republished in Neil Clarke’s Best Science Fiction of the Year; Gardner Dozois’s Year’s Best Science Fiction 33 Alan Kaster’s Year’s Top Tales of Science Fiction

Alan Kaster's Year’s Top Tales of Science Fiction

Two Hours at Frontier

Analog, November/December 2017

Humans are not really designed for space travel, but that does not mean that we can’t travel through space.

Finalist, Analog annual readers poll.

The Best stories … “Two Hours At Frontier” by Sean McMullen, in which the crew of a spaceship en route to investigate a mysterious artifact at the outer edge of the solar system wakes from hibernation to find themselves transformed and faced with mysteries to be solved.

Gardner Dozois


Exceptional Forces

Asimov’s Magazine, February 2016

The Andromedans will arrive and wipe us out in a few centuries, so should we be worried?

– Finalist: Asimov’s annual readers poll

– Republished: Dreams of the Technarion

The best story here is probably Sean McMullen’s “Exceptional Forces”, a sly and clever story about a genius reasoning with a female assassin who’s come to his hotel room to kill him; this one goes off in unexpected directions and is all the more satisfying as a result.

Gardner Dozois

Locus, Interzone

The Guardians – Warlock’s Child series Book 6

Ford Street Publications, September 2015

with Paul Collins


The Guardians: The Warlock’s Child Series – Book 6

The Dracondan dragons, once invincible, now lie helpless on a mountain as a human army closes in to kill them. Only Dantar and Velza can save them, but will their were-dragon powers been strong enough?

“It has a cast of characters you love and hate, and a story to make you impatient to read what happens next.”

Susan Whelan

Kids Book Review

“Two top Australian fantasy writers collaborating equals a top fantasy series”


“…. engaging fantasy novels for sophisticated young adult readers.”

Kerry Balzarolo

ALEA Journals and Newsletter

“This exciting fantasy will appeal to middle-upper primary school readers of both sexes who will revel in Dantar’s adventures as he grows into the heroic role that will prove to be his destiny.”

Russ Merrin


Voyage to Morticas – Warlock’s Child series Book 5

Ford Street Publications, August 2015

with Paul Collins


Voyage to Morticas: The Warlock’s Child Series – Book 5

Dantar is able to shapeshift into a dragon, yet he still thinks like a rebellious teenager. Meantime his sister has been given the ultimate gift by the dragons of Dracondas – the mind of a dragon. Now they must team up to stop the most powerful warlock of all from casting his doomsday spell.