The March-April issue of Interzone leads with Sean's The Influence Machine. Set in 1899 London, it is a story of high energy electrostatics and the high price of gender equality. It will be included in Gardner Dozois's 'The Year's Best Science Fiction' in 2018.

Two Hours at Frontier was published in the November-December Analog. The last humans discover that thy are no longer human while exploring a world in the distant Kuiper Belt.

Reanimus Press has published Sean's collection 'Dreams of the Technarion' which includes his history of Australian science fiction, 'Outpost of Wonder'. The tables of Australian science fiction statistics referred at the end of 'Outpost of Wonder' can be found here.


without a keyboard. You can now listen to Sean reading a growing selection of his short stories. Five stories are currently available:

1. Summoning the King

It is 1969, and Oberon is about to appear at a Melbourne folk music club. (Original 2014, Sean McMullen - reading, concertina, guitar; Keryn Lientschnig - cello)

2. Running invisible

Go jogging at the right speed, late at night, and it's a very strange new world. (Trust Me Too, 2012: Sean McMullen - reading)


An electric computer was built in London in 1875. Who invented it? Nobody Human. (Interzone, August 2013:  Sean McMullen - reading & vocals; Ann Poore - harp; Excerpt from Mary's Rest by permission from Ann Poor)

4.The Constant Past

There's a Regency serial killer researching his victims in the municipal library. Would you call Dexter, or just have a quiet word to the librarian?  (Dreaming Again, 2008): Sean McMullen - reading, Ann Poore - harp)

5. A Ring of Green Fire

In 1188 England was blighted by a sexually transmitted disease that could light your way on a dark night. (Interzone, Nov 1994; Mammoth Book of Extreme Fantasy, 2010: Sean McMullen - reading; Ann Poore - medieval harp).

6. Shadow of the King

Oberon has been enslaved and forced to perform in the folk clubs of 1973 Melbourne. Titania is weaving a spell to free him, but she will need help from some local musicians. Thanks to my friends Peter Parkhill and Graham Smith for permission to use the recordings of their 1973 and 1978 performances, and to Ann Poore for recording the quite magical harp pieces for me in 2014. (Original, 2014: Sean McMullen, reading, vocals & guitar; Peter Parkhill, vocals & guitar; Graham Smith, vocals, accordion & concertina; Ann Poore, harp)








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Available here

All six books in Sean's new series The Warlock's Child series
are available from Amazon and Ford Street Publishing.
Walock's Child
Ghosts of ENgines Past

Reanimus Press has published two ebook collections of Sean's stories. Ghosts of Engines Past contains his steampunk stories, including his Hugo Award runner up, Eight Miles. Colours of the Soul has his recent science fiction and fantasy.       

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